After the creation of Intellectual Output 1, the partners decided to have a transnational meeting in order to check the overall progress of the project. On the 22nd – 23rd of September 2021, the first transnational project meeting was held by IFALL in Lund, Sweden. Vondi Consulting from Austria and Mine Vaganti from Italy attended the meeting physically; however, Faal from Turkey and YES from Italy could attend the meeting online due to the restrictions of the Pandemic. In the meeting, besides talking about the things that have happened until now, the partners also had a discussion on the steps of Intellectual Output 2. This output is all about creating videos, one of which will be based on the chapters created for Intellectual Output 1. Every partner is going to create three videos; the first one will be about the chapter they formed, the second one will be an interview with an expert, and the last one will be about a tool used in public speaking. Each video will have subtitles in 5 languages. Everyone has become aware of their tasks until the next meeting. The timelines have been stated again. Lastly, the agenda for the joint staff training event has been decided. IFALL is responsible for carrying out a workshop about video making. After the meeting, Vondi Consulting and Mine Vaganti felt grateful to IFALL for their hospitality.



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