While working on the videos for the Intellectual Output 2, another meeting was seen necessary by the partners. Faal Derneği hosted the second transnational meeting on the 16th-17th of April 2022, in Ankara, Turkey. Vondi Consulting from Austria, Mine Vaganti NGO from Italy, and IFALL from Sweden were present physically and YES was attending online. The meeting started with going through the agenda altogether. Then, draft videos have been watched and each partner has given feedback. According to the feedback, the partners have seen what should be improved and what could be added to the video structures. Thus, they have decided to list a fixed framework for all the videos such as having background music or more visualization. The intro and extro of the videos have been already prepared by IFALL. The partners also went through the agenda of the joint staff training event in detail. Each partner will be implementing activity in the training. Two staff members will be attending the event which will happen between the 6th-9th of May 2022. Besides talking about the training and IO2, the partners had a discussion about the Intellectual Output 3 which is going to be a handbook based on the joint staff training’s content and results from it. The timelines for this output have been stated as well. The meeting ended with the dissemination strategies.



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