Our transnational project meeting held in Sassari, Italy, on the 9th of September 2022, was a productive one! Here are some additional points:

  • MVNGO was a great host for the meeting, providing a conducive environment for all the discussions.
  • The translations of the Tutorials to SPEAK videos were a significant focus of the meeting. It’s great that the team is putting in the effort to ensure the project is accessible to a broader audience.
  • Developing the Guide Book and the Web Platform was exciting topics of discussion. It’s always essential to have a solid online presence, and a well-designed web platform can help achieve that.
  • The team took the dissemination of the project in partner countries seriously. It’s crucial to keep all stakeholders informed of the project’s progress.
  • Also, the development of the last project newsletter and the Multiplier Events would be exciting steps. Newsletters are an excellent way to keep everyone informed of the project’s developments and progress and MEs are always great to spread awareness of the project and involve more people in it.
  • Finally, the team ended the meeting by discussing the follow-up production of the Sustainability Plan. 


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